Sunday, June 22, 2008


A little evening view from our porch. Love the green trim, don't you? I wish those clouds would bring us some rain.

I have a terrible sinus infection. Terrible! It was not helped in any way from all of the swimming I did today. Note to self: pools = pressure. No good for sinus infections! Barbeque at my parents' house today, it was fun. Except for when Squishy's diaper leaked on The Daddy Person. FunNY, but not fun.Also not fun: rearranging rooms. Can you spot the two children in that mess? Yikes.

Big girl bed day one for Squishy was an utter failure. Any tips? Buggles took to her big girl bed right from the start, no fusses or fights.

Fun: sneaking sprinkles with your sister by flashlight. Not fun: getting caught.

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