Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rainbow Muffin Tin

Muffin Tin Monday had a theme this week: RAINBOW! I had to get a little bit creative, as I didn't have anything blue! I'm jealous of everyone that has fresh blueberries this week! Red apples, orange carrots, yellow tomatoes, green peppers, blue easter egg with a treat inside, purple jam on toast! Fun week!

Buggles got this Play-Doh set as a present and we had so fun creating a little light-up aquarium out of play-doh!

Super yummy honey-balsamic chicken.


Vhiel said...

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berry said...

Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!


Kimberly said...

Very creative! Pumpkin would enjoy it. Dinner looks yummy, too.

A Savvy Event said...

Looks Amazing!
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A Savvy Baby!!

Fabulously40 said...

The muffin tin is such a great idea!! I think I may just start loading one up with fruits/veggies for myself.

Talk about portion control!!