Saturday, July 12, 2008

Butter Making and other things

My computer has risen from the dead. Yay! I will get some pictures up later this evening. Thank goodness she's working again, I was about to start panicking.

We spent most of the week house sitting for my was a nice little vacation in our own town! We lounged around the pool most of the time. Squishy and I played outside quite a bit because we had a break in the weather. It was 90-something instead of 100-something. I'll take what I can get!

I had seen a few blogs making butter in the past few weeks. I saw that my mom had heavy cream on hand and I wanted to try it out. So simple! Put it in a jar and shake for 20 minutes, until the butter separates from the milk and voilĂ ! Butter. It was so much better than 'regular' butter. I will definitely try it again with Buggles soon.

We're so happy that she's home! 4 days was too long without her. Squishy is so glad her sissy is home.

I just had to enter this giveaway on Grosgrain. Such an adorable little dress.
Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

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